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Genre: Comic, Dark Fantasy
Published in Vertigo Comics

Illustrated by:
Mike Dringenberg
Malcolm Jones III
Chris Bachalo
Michael Zulli
Steve Parkhouse

Coverart by Dave McKean, Introduction by Clive Barker

The Sandman Book I introduces us to Morpheus/Dream/The Sandman the God of Dream and Storytelling.
He is one of 7 silblings called "the endless", each of whom personifies one of the great powers destiny, death, dream, destruction, desire, despair and delirium (former delight)

It all starts with the secret organization of mysteries who's head is a very old man with only one desire: to capture death in order to live forever. As he has finally gained the Magdalene Grimoire, a magical book, he starts the ritual to summon the lord of death.
But, bad luck, instead of death he gets his little brother, Dream, whom he captures in his castle for more than 70 years. In all this time people keep suffering from their sleep...

The first work by neil Gaiman I've ever read...  it reminds me of what I write if I have a very very melancholic night, I love his way of telling stories... it makes you feel what it must be like to create these events in your head, to meet these characters and see them take their adventures.  Dream is a wonderful character, very sensitive and honest.  I think he looks like Ron Wood from the Rolling Stones, only younger... not bad :P I really like him, he appreaciates the small dreams and the feelings around him, sees them as something special...
The story introduces many different characters, all of them have hopes and sorrows, we meet them and leave them again to continue the journey... and even if it doesn't sound like it, the story even has some laughs :)

I recommend this story to all who love books that bring you to another world... :) Book II is on my desk already... but that'll have to wait until after the exams next week...

The complete Sandman Series:
I Preludes and Nocturnes
II The Doll's House
III Dream Country
IV Season of Mists
V A Game of You
VI Fables and Reflections
VII Brief Lives
VIII World's End
IX The kindly Ones
X The Wake
XI Endless Nights

Buy The Sandman: Preludes & Nocturnes - Book I (Sandman Collected Library)
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14 June 2007 @ 11:20 pm
What my friends recmmended to me... the more the better...

Liza Dalby - The Tale of Murasaki (by elated carnival) thanks =)
14 June 2007 @ 10:30 pm
I recently ordered a lot of books, even though I stil have so many at home but I know holidays are coming up so there will be plenty of time between the exams, the flat-renewing, the festivals and the job...


Neil Gaiman:
American Gods
Sandman 1+2

Lewis Carroll Special Collection
Jane Austen Collection

Ray Bradbury: Fahrenheit 451

George Orwell: 1984

Roald Dahl: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Still at home:
Leoni Swann: Glennkill
Arthur Golden: Memoirs of a Geisha
Jean Cocteau: Kinder der Nacht
Guo Xiaolu: City of Stones
Banana Yoshimoto: Tokage, Tsugumi
Dai Siji: Muo und der Pirol im Kaefig
Nury Vittachi: Shanghai Dinner
Pratchett: The light fantastic
Daniel Dafoe: A general history of the Pyrates
Daniel Kehlmann: Die Vermessung der Welt
Kitty Sewell: Zeit der Eisblueten
Orhan Pamuk: Schnee
Vladimir Nabokow: Lolita
Chuck Palahniuk: Fight Club

any suggestions what to start with? =)
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